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Get Rid of Overwhelm & Get Yourself Organized!

If you're like most brides, you have never planned such an important event before and have quickly discovered that you don't really know the first thing about: 

  • Organizing all the wedding details (Checklist)
  • Keeping track of the progress (Calendar)
  • Creating a realistic budget & sticking to it (Plan)
  • Keeping your stress level low (Enjoy the journey)

It's absolutely normal to feel completely frustrated, stressed out and overwhelmed!

As a former certified wedding planner, I have worked with many brides at different points in their planning journey, going through the same exact thing. Trust me... you're not alone!

And the best part is... I know how to help you relieve the tension and bring back that joy you felt when you Said Yes! 

Knowledge is power and by learning 'how to' plan your wedding, with the different tools we offer, that power will eventually eliminate the stress! You'll have a handle on all the details, be able to feel joy and smile again.

Here at MJ's Wedding Planning Academy, we offer different levels of tools, resources and education depending on your planning needs. Everyone is at a different point of planning, but you will find many resources to meet you... right where you're at.


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